Our Programs



Vision Statement:

Our vision is to inspire and support students to reach their potential, contribute positively to the community and develop lifelong learning goals.

Primary focus area:

  • Guidelines for assessment

  • Guidelines for monitoring

  • Benchmark requirements

  • Quarterly review  

Steps for high level accountability

  • Scheduled quarterly school monitoring program

  • MOU for fund allocation and utilization

  • Universal assessment protocols for school results ( PEC and JSC exam)


Khan Academy Bangla

In 2017, our focus was to make Khan Academy Bangla effective for schools in Bangladesh, especially underprivileged schools supported by Agami. This priority drove the 2017 activities undertaken by Khan Academy Bangla team both for content development and school implementation.

Prior to 2017, all our content development work has been localization (translation) of Khan Academy English videos and exercises. To fill the gaps identified in the original Khan Academy content and to better align with the local curriculum, in 2017, for the first time we created original Khan Academy Bangla videos.