Agami's Core Values

We have established a list of core values that guide our activities in order to fulfill our mission:

  • Action group: We measure our success by the positive impact of the activities we undertake.
  • Education: The focus of our group is empowering children through education.
    • We define 'basic' education in terms of fundamental education necessary to become an effective citizen, not in terms of means. We will utilize any effective means and techniques necessary to provide pre-college education as defined by the government of Bangladesh
    • We firmly believe that education is the best vehicle for breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. We will partner with other organizations, when and where possible,  to provide a holistic solution addressing other critical needs such as health care, nutrition and economic opportunities.
  • We may also choose to engage in local partnerships  that align with Agami's vision, mission and core values.
  • Secular: We aim to help any underprivileged child, regardless of religion.
  • Non-political: We do not partner with any political group and/or party of national or international origin.
  • Volunteer based: All of our members are volunteers, not paid employees. We may hire non-member staff to help execute our projects and programs.
  • Donations: 100% of project donations received are invested in projects and programs benefiting the underprivileged.