YEFR 2019 Launch - Give me a good mother!

Agami Year-end fundraiser 2019 is underway and we need your love and support to make this year a success. We have pledged to raise $75,000 this year for the education of the underprivileged children through various Agami projects that are underway.

Agami, registered as 501 (c) (3) organization, has been working for over 15 years to empower the lives of children who are deprived from education due to limited financial and economic sources. We have funded slum schools and improved curriculum and children attendance, we have trained teachers to deliver quality education through our Life in Science program, we have leveraged several digital technologies to develop virtual classrooms and bring access to online education through our Khan Academy Bangla program.

Our 2019 fundraising theme, Give me a good mother! is inspired from Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote, “Give me good mothers, and I will give you a great nation.” Our campaign is targeted to raising funds for education but also to acknowledge the contribution of women to education. Talk to us about the women who have inspired you, who you want to thank for her selfless contribution in your lives. Talk to us about the women who have actively participated to empower the society, about the women who have contributed to education. We are listening…


Farhana Zaman

Director of Marketing, Agami

Copy of Agami empowered woman flyer (3).png