Pearabagh School

Pearabagh is in a densely populated slum area in Dhaka city. It has a total population of over 15,000, it has a population growth of about 3.5% annually. Most of the people are rickshaw pullers, fruit and veg sellers, day laborers, an/or garments workers by profession. The socio-economic condition of the targeted slum area is below poverty level. The daily average income is below $4.

Pearabagh school has come a long way with the help of Agami.  Since 2001, Pearabagh has been established to help disadvantaged students from lower socioeconomic areas. The school has been flourishing under the care of the dedicated administration. The school has also extended its support to its current students to further their education in the secondary level.

Agami Contact:

Shibnath Sarker(AEF) Chief Executive

Programme for Sustainable Development


Student body:

217 students (Boy-86, Girl-131) have been enrolled in PSD-Pearabag school and studying from Pre-primary to Grade 5.

Number of teachers: 7 teachers including 2 TFB Fellows (Male-2, Female-5)


Perabagh’s academic progress speaks for itself. More than 95% of the students got promoted to the next level of classes. In 2017, a total of 30 students took the PEC exam. All the examinees passed successfully with flying colors. Six of the students got GPA-5 (A+), the highest grade possible while the rest of the students got an ‘A’ grade (GPA-4.00)

As Agami came into the picture the overall scenario has improved in terms of academic result, quality of education and classroom performance.

Before Agami:

Agami has been supporting Pearabagh school since 2005. Before Agami’s support, PSD-Pearabag was suffering because it could not support the expenses needed to run a school. The school was not able to retain its teachers because of its financial incapability. The dropout rate was close to 90% because of all the hardships the school faced. Agami came into the picture and helped bring the dropout rate to less than 10%. Only 6 students dropped out because they migrated out to their village as the parents could not afford to living cost in Dhaka.


Agami has approved an amount of $8,000 for the fiscal year 2018 paying for:

  • Teachers’ salary

  • Students’ snacks

  • School house rent

  • Stationery

  • Exam cost

pearabagh 1.jpg

Dreams do come true…

Pearabagh’s students achieving to their highest potential.