How Agami is

Although Bangladesh provides free education to children in primary schools, there is an administrative charge to buy books and uniforms, and lunch boxes. Rural managed schools are also short-staffed and quality of education is compensated due to low or no admission fees. Every year, we at Agami receive an outpour of applicants from different schools that require funding and help in different areas of the school. Agami’s team visits the school, helps with focusing on key areas of school development and allocates funding accordingly. Agami believes that supporting the growth of a school will have a sustainable impact on the quality of education in the long-term.




15 districts have benefited from the Agami school program. Agami has implemented the program in conjunction with the Teachers’ Training Program to ensure that the science lessons were delivered effectively.



Engaged in Khan Acadamy Bangla

Khan Academy has delivered one billion lessons worldwide, and receives an overwhelming exposure of 40 million students and two million teachers every month. Khan Academy’s educational content has been translated to 36 foreign languages by volunteers and international organizations to educate the masses.




School Programs and Monitoring  are the very first country-wide Agami initiative. Agami, in association with AEF's collaborative efforts, supports different schools across the country. The program operates on the basis of the school's needs focusing on primary to higher secondary schools.