ALOK School

239/8, West Agargaon, Dhaka-1207


Alok Shikhalay school has come a long way with the help of Agami.

The targeted students are from the adjacent areas of West Agargaon. Majority students are underprivileged. They reside in the nearby slum area. Their socio-economic condition of the families are extremely poor. Parents of the students are day laborer, rickshaw puller etc. Woman work as domestic help in middle class households. More than 80% of the students are Muslim. The other 20% of the students are from other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

Agami Contact:



Student body:  

Boys : 197     Girls : 262


  • Morning section : 5 teachers

  • Evening section: 6 teachers.

  • After school program: 6 teachers

Qualifications of teachers:

  • 6 teachers have a masters degree

  • 8 teachers are studying honors (bachelors)

  • 2 teachers have a HSC certificate

  • 1 teacher passed the VIII grade


Before Agami:

Before Alok’s involvement with Agami, they were unable to take large number of students. They were unable to provide some basic needs of their students like give them tiffin, uniform. They could not provide a building, desks, chairs and other essential for their students  Alok was unable to employ quality teachers.

Once Agami was involved, Alok moved to a brick and mortar building, After providing students with the their basic educational needs, Alok was able to supplement their academics with the Life is Fun program (a science program) Khan academy program and was able to take the students to many field trips.

The most important impact Agami has helped established for Alok is to establish a post graduation program. Alok is able to support students after they graduate from the 5th grade. They help the students get admission to local high schools and tutor the students to be able to be able to reach benchmark standards in science, math and English.  


Agami approved $7,500 for the fiscal year 2018 with the following funding breakdown:

  • Students’ snacks

  • Students’ uniform

  • Excursion

Success Stories:

Suman Ahmed (Ex Alok student working on his BBA)

I am doing my Bachelors in Business Administration. I am in my first year and trying to get used to the fact that I now study in a university.

Suman Ahmed.png

I grew up in Sherpur, far away from Dhaka. We are a family of 5. My sister is in 4th grade and and my brother in 9th grade. They study in a government school in Sherpur. My father is a farmer there, where he tends to his land. My mother is very loving and she takes care of the family at home. I moved to Dhaka city to study when I was in my 9th grade and stay with my grandparents. They are old, but they were willing to help me to continue my studies. My result was good in SSC and HSC and I secured GPA 4.5 in my last exam.

I used to study in a different school when I moved to Dhaka, but there the tuition fee was high, so I moved to Alok school. Since Alok School was free it was a great choice for me. But once I moved to Alok School, I started loving it much more. I used to get Tiffin, books and was able to do many different activities other than just studies, which my previous school did not have. My favorite subject in school was Math, but I used wait eagerly for the many fun classes in Science and Music. I remember fondly of our many study tours at museums and our early cultural program for which we used to practice a lot. It was fun doing stuff with my friends and the teachers,

I love to play. My favorite sport is Cricket and Soccer. But nowadays, I dont have much time to play. Now, after my class at the university, I provide some private tuition to earn some cash as I need to support my studies and my family. It's a long day, but I am happy as I can help my family.

After my studies are completed in Business, I want to be a banker. I also want to be connected to Alok, and I will try my best to help them going forward as they have helped me.

Sanjida Sheikh

Class 5, Alok Shishu Shikhaloy

I come from a village in Chandpur. One year, there was severe shortage of work and food in our village and my father decided to come to Dhaka city searching for a job. He was not able to find any other work other than being a day laborer, as he does not have any skill. He also does not know how to read or write. It was not enough to support our family with his earning alone, so my Mother also started working. She now works as a cleaner in the local hospital.


I always wanted to study, but given our situation, it was not possible for me to think about education. Luckily we were staying in the area that is served by Alok School. I started coming to this school when I was in Kindergarten. Now I am in class 5 in the same school. I feel like the school and my friends and teacher are my family. Both my parents spent long time outside of home as both of them are working. I spent most of my time here in school, even after my classes are done, as I have no other safe place to go.

My brother is studying in a local college and he comes to Alok school to get help with his studies after his classes are done. He also studied in the same school what he was my age. Maybe because of this, or maybe because my results are very good, all my teachers love me very much. So when I am at school I don't feel like I am away from family.

I like to study but I like the drawing class and the music class even more. But the best time I have in school when we get to use laptop or tablet to do Math classes using Khan Academy.

When I grow up, I want to join the police force. I like to think that I can punish all the bad people around me so that my family, friends and country can live in peace.

Kakoli Akter Lima

First Year, Diploma Engineering


Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon,Dhaka-1208

I studied in Alok School till 5th Grade. Then when I had to leave Alok school for 6th grade, Alok came forward with stipend for me to continue my studies. They also help me with their “Night School Program” and every day I come back to get help with my homework and other preparation work. I am now studying Diploma Engineering.

My village home is in Gopalganj. We did not have anything left after the last flood, so my father moved our family to Dhaka. He was not in full health to take a job as a day labor. So he took some load and opened a small tea shop.  But then he became very ill and my mother started running the shop. So now I have to help on all household work to prepare food, take care of my small brothers and father. I have to also help them with their homework, but they do not listen to me all the time.

I like to sew in my free time. I picked up this hobby at school as they teach us a few trades. I have learned many things from the teachers and other well wishers who come and take classes. They gave me my love for education and showed my how I can help my family in the long term by not giving up on school. When I finish my Diploma Engineering course and start my job and get a paycheck, that would be the happiest day of my life.  


It starts with a dream….

Alok students fulfilling a dream.