Agami-Sponsored FAMES Made Progress in Ensuring Quality Education

A three-member team of Agami Education Foundation (AEF) comprises of M. Abdur Rahman Khan, Director-Administration; Md. Nayim Uddin, School Programme Monitoring Manager and Mr. Parvez, a volunteer of AEF visited the Foyzunnessa Ahmed Foundation Multilingual Elementary School (FAMES) on 03 June (Saturday), 2017.

FAMES is a primary school (Play Group to Class-V) under a trustee; located in Shafipur of Gazipur district of Bangladesh. It is a one-storied brick building along with a semi pucca house running its educational curricular under the leadership of recently recruited head teacher, Mr. Golam Mostafa having over 20 years of teaching experience. Mr. Mostafa is working hard together with other colleagues to provide quality education to the children and make the school as a house of excellence.

A total of 150 students (70 boys and 80 girls) provided with education in two sections. Nine (9) teachers are providing education to the students. Most importantly the students of this school are taught other languages i.e. English and Arabic beside their mother tongue Bangla with a view to improving their communication skill and proficiency considering the current global needs.

Two members of the team namely M. Abdur Rahman Khan and Md. Nayim Uddin attended two class as observer. In class ‘V’, Mr. Sanwar Alam was conducting science class. His lecture method was student friendly, easier and commonly understandable to the students. The class was highly interactive and students’ participation was spontaneous. Thereafter, the team observed an Arabic class. The students were asked to translate few Bangla sentences in Arabic and the response rate was high and sharp.

It is mentionable that the school authority feels some teachers need to be trained to enhance their capacity. They requested the visiting team for providing training using the existing training program of AEF if and when possible.

Students’ participation and attendance in the class is gradually improving comparing the last year’s trend.  This year total 150 students were enrolled in FAMES whereas last year it was only 91. Now-a-days, parents and guardian are more conscious about the future of their children, sending them to school regularly and taking advantage of available opportunities. According to head teacher, all concerned are working together to enhance awareness among community members and let the guardians know about the importance of education and its benefits.

Existing wash facilities of the school seems to be satisfactory and potable safe water is available (arsenic free). Two separate toilets for boys and girls are constructed in the school territory and are used following all necessary hygienic practices.  Founder of the school urged to explore other running AEF programs aligned with the existing one so that students can be significantly benefited. In the exit meeting, AEF monitoring team had a face-to-face session with teachers, school founder and School Managing Committee (SMC) and expressed satisfaction on overall progress of the school.

Author: Md. Nayim Uddin, Dhaka.