NYC Press Conference

Written by: Faryha M Chowdhury, Director of Outreach (Clifton Park, NY)

Agami’s efforts to raise funds in the East Coast has opened a new avenue to the world of journalism. There are several opportunities to spread the word on fundraising in New York City including Thikana, one of the most widely circulated Bangla publications outside of Bangladesh. Dr. Dalil Rahman, Coordinator of Agami Northeast Chapter (ANEC), met with Thikana twice at the end of September and again in early October, to discuss Agami’s activities and ways to promote the upcoming fundraising event this Sunday in Jamaica, NY.

Mohammad Fazlur Rahman, Editor of Thikana and Mr. Sayeed-Ur-Rab, President and COO of Thikana advised Agami to hold a Press Conference, which was held at Haque Yellow, Jackson Heights, NYC on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 7 PM. Several publications were present including Thikana, The New Nation, BAPSNEWS,  Bornomala, NTV, Chanel I, Eye on Bangladesh, and more. Several Agami Team members were present and shared their experience and knowledge of Agami activities in California, New York, and the implementation of projects in Bangladesh.
According to Dr. Dalil Rahman, media representatives participated in the discussion and were very enthusiastic about Agami’s new presence in the East Coast. The event ended with dinner and a special thanks to Mr. Azizul Haque, owner of Haque Yellow, for hosting the event.

Written by: Faryha M Chowdhury, Director of Outreach (Clifton Park, NY)

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Congratulations to you and Dalil bhai for bringing a whole new dimension to Outreach for Agami. Good luck with the fundraiser tomorrow!