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Books from No Barriers Foundation, UK to Pabiazury High School and College, Mymensingh

On the joyous occasion of the Victory Day of Bangladesh, the spirit of victory reverberated among the students of Pabiazury High School and College as they received an assortment of books for their library usage, provided by No Barriers Foundation, UK (NBF) and distributed by Agami Education Foundation (AEF). On December 16, 2016, Mr. Md. Shamim Jafar presented the institution with 29 books on behalf of AEF and NBF.

Agami Team visits Nandipara PSD Primary School, Dhaka

A monitoring team from Agami went to visit Nandipara School on the 2nd of June 2016. The team consisted of Md. Zafar Hossain, the School Monitoring Manager and Najiba Azad, a volunteer. The school is situated in a densely populated area of Dhaka, far from the city center. Most of the residents here are low earning people.

Agami Monitoring Team Visits Laxmipur Simanto Bazar Primary School, Jhenaidah

A monitoring team from Agami visited Laxmipur Simanto Bazar Primary School on the 3rd of November, 2016. The team consisted of the School Monitoring Manager and a volunteer. The school, situated in a rural village of Jhenaidah, was established in 2003. This non-government primary school offers classes from pre-primary to grade five.

2nd Health camp under Healthcare for Education pilot

On Thursday 10th of  November 2016, Agami Education Foundation (AEF) successfully held its 2nd consecutive  monthly health camp under Healthcare  For Education pilot at Programme for Sustainable Development (PSD) School at Moghbazar, Dhaka that covers health check-up, nutrition and personal hygiene. Before doing  health check-up by the doctors, Dr. Tazkera  Khanom, director of finance of Agami  Education Foundation (AEF), conducted a general session on nutrition awareness and personal hygiene among the students.  

Nine Science Education Sessions In Six Agami Schools In Three Months

With the help and support of young and future educators, Phase II of Agami’s Life is Fun (LiF) science education program has reached to a new level. In this phase the team has already taken 9 sessions in 6 Agami-sponsored schools in Dhaka including Shurerdhara Music School (in Lalmatia) and Swapnadhara (in Mirpur) which are new member in LiF Program.

The Agami Team visited the Aalok Shikkhaloy in West Agargaon, Dhaka

A monitoring team from Agami visited the Aalok Shikkhaloy on 19th May 2016. The team consisted with School Monitoring Manager Md. Zafar Hossain and a volunteer Najiba Azad. It was a regular school day. The school’s regular acitivities were on going. The team went to visit teachers room first. The team discussed different issues regarding monitoring visit. The school receiving fund from Agami since 2008. In 2016 Alok received fund for teacher’s salary, student uniform and stationaries. The school already started paying salary of teachers, made uniform for students and bought stationaries for school from Agami donation.

Agami Monitoring Team visited Doshgram High School in Sylhet

An Agami team visited Doshgram High School on September 28, 2016. The team included Agami volunteer Partho Sarothy Roy and School Monitoring Manager Md. Zafar Hossain. The school position is in a rural village at Karimganj in Sylhet Sadar. The school offer classes from class six to ten. Agami started the project in 2010. This year (2016) Agami funded for school’s library and text books & supplies.  The library establishment is in progress and text books and supplies collected.

Why I do Agami

​​​​​​​Roughly 26% of Bangladesh’s population is classified as living below the poverty line, though in reality the percentage of people living in paucity is far greater. Poverty, especially in rural areas, often causes parents to pull their children out of school and prematurely into the workforce. This perpetuates a vicious cycle, as a lack of education leads to more health issues, significant limits in economic mobility, and an overall widening of income inequality.